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Is something not working right? Let Mr.Vivian take a look! With his natural problem-solving skills, he’ll diagnose and fix your tech issues. Reach out today!


When things go haywire in apps and digital tools. It’s the systematic process of solving pesky problems, ensuring that software functions as it should.

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Online Safety

Topics include age-appropriate content, managing risks, and understanding platforms like YouTube Kids, TikTok, and Snapchat

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Digital Healthcheck

A healthy device is a happy device! Unlock peace of mind with my Digital Health Check! 📱💻 This user-friendly service allows you to assess the well-being of your devices. My comprehensive analysis will provide personalized recommendations to optimize your device’s longevity, enhance security, and boost performance. This will help to ensure your gadgets are in tip-top shape today!

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Client Testimonials

“Mr Vivian, Tech Problem Solver I had to call on Vivian's help for further tech support for the online course I'm completing. On this occasion I needed help to split and edit an important video which is to be formally assessed. Not only did Vivian help me locate a good (and free) piece of software to help me complete my edit he also demonstrated how I could do this myself in future. I highly recommend Vivian for his patience and for his effective support.”
Julie McAuley
“Vivian is a man of his word and I would have no problem recommending him on to anyone. He fixed my sons gaming pc when i thought it was beyond repair. His prices are very fair and he came to my home at the agreed time. He is a very friendly person and had the patience of a saint as it took a fair amount of time to locate the problem so he could repair it.”
Ooo Maitiu

Techie Problem Solver

Wielding my keyboard like a wizard’s wand, casting spells to banish bugs and summon solutions. My superpower? A relentless curiosity that drives them to explore, experiment, and conquer the ever-evolving realm of technology.


Expert software troubleshooting and solutions.

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